Standing up for the 55,000 conservative voters in Washtenaw County


Volunteering to serve on one of our committees is a good place to start getting involved in our activities.  You do not have to be a member of the Executive Committee to serve on these committees, and doing so will help you get to know our members and their interests and familiarize you with the way we operate.   Here is a quick introduction to the four standing committees and the fourteen "ad-hoc" committees of the Washtenaw County Executive Committee:


Standing Committees

  • The Campaign Committee (chair, EC member Martin Church, co-chair EC member Adam de Angeli) is responsible for finding and "vetting" candidates for public office.  It conducts training programs for those interested in becoming candidates, and is responsible for any issue-oriented campaigns in which the party itself is engaged.

  • The Events Committee (chair, EC member Greg Marquis, co-chair EC member Deborah Fuqua-Frey) is responsible for planning and executing all of the party's events including social events such as picnics and holiday parties, fundraising events such as our Lincoln Day, Reagan Day, and Trump Day dinners, and campaign support events such as debate and rally watch parties.

  • The Public Relations Committee (chair, EC member Scott Inman, co-chair EC statutory member Nikki Snyder) is responsible for developing and implementing the party's communication strategy.  It coordinates its activities with those of other county parties and with the Michigan State Republican Party.

  • The Finance Committee (chair, EC member Eileen Weiser, co-chair EC member Joan Knoertzer) is responsible for the all-important development of funding sources to support the party's activities as well as providing whatever support it can to the party's candidates.

Ad-Hoc Committees

  • The Outreach Committee.  (chair, EC member Adam de Angeli, member Melissa Phillips) is responsible for promoting the goals of the WCGOP by increasing participation in the city, village and township communities within Washtenaw County.


  • The Issues Committee (Chair, EC Member Michael Strother, co-chair EC member Marc Boone) is responsible for developing, publishing, and generating interest in principled positions on important political matters.  Examples of this committee's work include articles on support for public safety workers, opposition to so-called "Red-Flag" laws, and opposition to unreasonable restrictions on poll challengers.  This committee is also responsible for creating the banners used at the top of our website and in our emails.

  • The Election Integrity Committee (Chair, EC Member David Frey, Co-Chairs, EC Members Tawn Beliger, Gerry Hermann, Other Members EC Members Adam de Angeli, John Dunlap, as well as Polly McNichol, Melissa Phillips, and Mark Haynes) is responsible for restoring credibility to Michigan's badly broken election system

  • The Legislative Action Committee (Chair EC Member Gerry Hermann, Co-Chair, Tawn Beliger, Members Janet Buxton, Polly McNichol) is responsible for monitoring legislative activities at the State and Federal level and helping develop community responses as appropriate

  • The Medical Reform Committee (Chair EC Member Paulette Metoyer, Co-chair Alanna Frey) is responsible for proposing legislative initiatives and ballot proposals to limit government's ability to infringe on individual citizens' healthcare choices and rights.

  • The Criminal Justice Reform Committee (Chair EC Member John Dunlap) is responsible for promoting common sense criminal justice reform initiatives

  • The Competitive Energy Policy Committee (Chair EC Member David Frey) is responsible for promoting competitive energy policies within the state of Michigan

  • The Social Media Committee (Member, Janet Riggs) is responsible for creating content for the WCGOP's various social media platforms

  • The ReApportionment Committee (Chair, EC Member John Dunlap, Co-chair EC Member Dan Smith, Member EC Member David Frey) is responsible for coordinating reapportionment efforts for County Commissioner Districts

  • The Take Back Our Schools Committee (Chair EC Member Debbie Fuqua-Frey, Co-Chairs EC Member Eileen Weiser and Nikki Snyder, Members EC Member Gary Greiner and Lori Miner) is responsible for promoting attendance at school board meetings, developing candidates for school boards, and promoting traditional, patriotic educational curricula

  • The Technology Committee (Chair, EC Member Wyckham Seelig Members Marianna Bizgu, Amy Smola) is responsible for supporting the technology needs of the committee including virtual meeting capabilities, website content management systems, electronic communications, and on-line commerce

  • The Ethnic Outreach Committee is responsible for promoting conservative values within ethnic communities in Washtenaw County

  • The Young Republicans Outreach Committee (Chair EC Member Reid Scott (EMU) Members Jack Harrison (Michigan State), Vince Tedrick (University of Michigan) is responsible for maintaining open communication channels and reaching out to college age Republicans

  • The Veterans Committee is responsible for monitoring  veterans groups to determine their issues and promote their causes


You may volunteer for one or more of these committees by filling in your contact information and then checking one or more of the boxes below.  We will be in touch with you if you choose to do so.

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