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October 2020

  1. President Scores Big in Final Debate


    Candidates who are in trouble get desperate, and when they are desperate they tend to make (ahem) "fanciful" statements.  So last night we learned that:


    • Vice President Biden never said he would ban fracking. (The tapes showing him doing so are already on line).

    • Nobody lost their heath care insurance because of Obamacare. (Remember the uproar over "If you like you plan you can keep your plan"?

    • Vice President Biden never took a penny from a foreign government. (Which says nothing about payments to family members, or payments from oligarchs and party apparatchiks).


    And then from President Trump:

    • If I had to characterize the people who support me, I would say that they are folks who really love their country.

    • Who built the cages, Joe?

    • Hey, Joe. Are you "The Big Guy"?