Standing up for the 55,000 conservative voters in Washtenaw County

We are Republicans.

Our party was forged in the crucible of the deadliest conflict the nation has ever endured:  our Civil War.  During that time, we led the American people as the nation eliminated, forever, the abomination of slavery.

In the years since, we have consistently stood up in favor of the rights of individuals and against increasing the power of the government over people's lives.

Our Republican ideals here in Washtenaw County include the belief that

  • The sole responsibility of government, is to protect the rights of the governed, that is to guarantee individuals and their families their God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

 and that

  • Good government can only be accomplished by limiting government to providing those services that individuals cannot ensure themselves and by protecting free enterprise.

To support these beliefs

  • We are dedicated to selecting, assisting, and endorsing qualified candidates for public positions who demonstrate leadership and integrity.


For a history of the Republican Party, please click here.

To view the Republican Party platform of 2012, please click here.


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