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Resolution Supporting President Donald Trump as the Republican Party Nominee for the 2020 Election

The members of the Washtenaw County Republican Committee proudly support President Donald Trump as the Republican Party Nominee for the 2020 election. We are working with our president and are looking forward to four more years of his leadership. 

Our president has proven himself to be for the people by fulfilling his campaign promises. Our economy is growing again because of the awakening of our country’s sense of confidence under his leadership and the changes he has made. Our businesses are hiring again with record LOW unemployment because of the improved business environment he enabled.

Because of his administration’s negotiating skills we have new trade deals with Canada, Mexico and China that put the American worker 1st. Years of economic stagnation have given way to prosperity under his leadership.

His administration has rebuilt our armed forces and our allies trust us again. He has made it so that we can be Proud to Be American’s again while protecting our borders and restoring the value of American Citizenship.

Our president supports our first responders, our troops, and a safe America, and we support him in making America a great country for all.

Dated this 10th day of February 2020

By Order of the Members of the Washtenaw County Republican Committee


During our (Sold Out!) February 4th Trump State of the Union and Precinct Delegate Registration event some of the people who where there gathered in the lobby outside the venue to have their picture taken.  As you can see in the image below, the crew was happy before the President spoke.  Afterwards, many were dismayed that "Petulant Nancy" showed what she thinks of him (and us!) by contemptuously tearing up his speech.  One of them pointed out that the President is required to deliver a State of the Union message to the Speaker, and the Speaker is obliged to preserve the message as an official U.S. government document.  Are we hearing faint echoes of "Lock Her Up!" ?

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