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All is not LOST - the UN taxing the world?


In DC - the representatives of our fine nation are possibly going to vote on an International treaty called 'The Law of the Sea Treaty' (LOST). Up for debate is where, how, and who administers the open seas. That means lawsuits, fines, and other nasty governmental reaches.  LOST was rejected by Regan back in the 80's for several reasons. But now it looks like Bush may be in support of the US signing on.

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A Report from the Global Warming Battlefield


Published at TCS Daily, Roy Spencer gives a periodic update on the other side of Global Alamism Grant writting fanatism, Warming.  A few more questions need to be answered before we can assume the worst - Is the planet coming out of a 400 year "mini ice age" ? 
- Are NASA thermometer reading across the world being skewed by "local spurious heat influences" (concrete, AC fans, sprawl in general etc). ?
- How much grant money is available for global warming "research"? 

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