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March 2022

  1. Important Election

    On April 11th the Washtenaw County Republican Precinct Delegates will elect 42 Delegate representatives to the Republican State Endorsement Convention on April 23rd in Grand Rapids, MI.   They will also elect up to 42 Alternate Delegates who attend the State Convention as back ups in case a Delegate cannot make it that day.   Persons who are elected Precinct Delegates get preference for these positions, but any registered voter in Washtenaw County who supports Republican Party values can be elected to go to the State Convention. Currently non-Precinct Delegates can be elected to Alternate positions.  The voting Delegates at the State Endorsement Convention will be voting to endorse candidates for the November election for the offices of Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Board of Education, State Supreme Court Justice, University of Michigan Board of Regents, Michigan State University Board of Trustees, and Wayne State University Board of Governors.  Many good candidates are running for these offices so this is an important election. 

    William Gordon - Treasurer