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November 2020

  1. The Fight is Not Over


    Fellow Republicans, 

    This FIGHT is not over!

    From miscalled races across the state, to the complete lack of transparency by elected officials at TCF Center in Detroit – we will not stop until these issues are investigated and the wrongs righted.

    While we continue to fight for President Trump and John James in the courts, I want to celebrate the victories the Democrats could not steal from us. I raised and spent more funds than any other Chairman in the last 15 years, nearly $33,000,000. We also expanded our grassroots army online, adding 5,500 new members and raising over $1,100,000 in small donations – nearly doubling totals from the 2018 cycle.

    With your help, we built the largest field operation in Michigan’s history, and made over 9,000,000 voter contacts. We opened more Trump Victory offices than ever before, and it was last reported that President Trump earned more than 2,649,000 votes – more than any Republican candidate in history.  And the fight continues.

    We were also able to knock off 2 incumbent Democrat State Representatives to maintain our 58-52 majority in the State House. We made gains in the U.S. House of Representatives, taking back the 3rd Congressional District to and continuing the fight against Nancy Pelosi. We were able to flip one Democrat held seat on each of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, University of Michigan Board of Regents, and the Wayne State Board of Governors to gain 3 statewide victories.

    As the Fake News media claimed there were no voting irregularities in Michigan, I was proud to stand with RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel in calling for an investigation and demanding a fair and honest process that counts every Legal Vote. As the events in Detroit unfolded, I was proud to stand with hundreds of Republicans outside TCF Center demanding transparency.

    And while Gretchen Whitmer, Jocelyn Benson, and Dana Nessel defend the actions of Democrats locking Republican poll watchers out of precincts and backdating ballots, I am proud to join the Trump campaign’s legal team in collecting and organizing over 160 sworn affidavits that will be crucial in the coming days as we continue to take legal action.

    The actions we are taking could not only have a huge impact on the 2020 election, but may have an even larger impact on future elections. Make no mistake about it, Whitmer, Benson, and Nessel will take every duplicitous lesson they learn from this election to try and secure their own reelections in 2022. As we saw this week at the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, the Democrats’ mob rule cannot continue.

    We must build on these efforts as we continue this fight and for all of the battles ahead. I promise to continue working harder than ever for Republicans across our great state. All of this starts with the support of our wonderful grassroots supporters, and precinct delegates, who put in hours upon hours of work for our party. Thank You!

    We still have work to do in Michigan, and this battle is far from complete.

    Stay up to date with us by heading to migop.org, where you can find all of our press releases and statements.

    God Bless,

    Laura Cox

    Chairman, Michigan Republican Party