July 2015

  1. Here we are at the 2015 Ann Arbor Art Fair!

    Hal Dotson and Denise Magewick-Schlotz in front of our booth

    Hal was here at 915 to do traffic control  for the Art Fair.  This saves us part of the participation fee, so thanks, Hal.  Denise showed up earlier and did most of the booth "setup".  Many thanks to John, Tom, Paulette, and Phil for bringing our stuff yesterday afternoon [during the rain storm]  and getting things ready for this morning.

  2. Ann Arbor Art Fair -- Thursday

    Bill Gordon and Sam Bissell at our booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Sam arrived early this morning to help set up the booth, and Bill is working a long shift during the middle of the day.  Come visit us and enjoy the Art Fair, too!

  3. Proud Republicans at the Art Fair

    Here are Teresa Reynhout and Cindy Fischhaber as we opened our booth on Friday.

  4. A Concert at the Art Fair

    This is a little out of sequence.  This string quartet set up about 20 feet from our booth yesterday afternoon, and serenaded us for a couple of hours.  It was wonderful!  Come on down and visit!

  5. Celebrating a successful outing in Chelsea!


    Here are Craig McGregor and Sam Bissell as we closed up shop in front of the "Mule Skinner" on Saturday evening. Lots of petition signatures and several volunteer sign-ups in friendly Chelsea.