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November 2010

  1. Rick Olson Receives AnnArbor.com Endorsement for 55th House Seat

    Ann Arbor.com endorsed Rick Olson in his race for the 55th House of Representatives seat.  Here is a link to the endorsement:
    ... and here is an excerpt from the AA.COM article:

    In the state House 55th District, Republican Rick Olson earns our endorsement. The semi-retired attorney and business manager has clearly studied the issues facing the state and has vowed not to shy away from the difficult decisions that have to be made in Lansing.

  2. Thank You and Congratulations!

    Dear Washtenaw Republicans -
    As I am sure you will agree, last Tuesday's election results were amazing.  I now have renewed hope that we can actually Fix and Reinvent Michigan, and that we can Take our Country Back from the abyss to which Obama/Pelosi/Reid have taken us.
    This was only a first step, however.  Now comes the difficult task of governing in Michigan.  I hope that you will join me in accepting Governor-Elect Rick Snyder's call to action.  Rick cannot do it alone, and we need to all join together to support him as he begins to confront the many difficult tasks that face us as we try to right the ship that is our great State of Michigan.
    As we move forward, we will also need to hold our newly elected Republican officeholders' feet to the fire, and demand that they listen to the people, hold firm to our core principles, abandon the ways of Washington, change the direction of government, and work to positively impact people's lives.  On a national level, that effort can begin now but will take at least one more election cycle to fully implement.  So in 2012, we need to take back the White House and finish the job of retaking the Senate.  We can do that by staying engaged, by keeping the momentum going, and by continuing to send the message to all of our representatives in Washington that they must not return to the past, lest they also be replaced by We the People.  There will certainly be much more to say about all of that as we move forward into 2011 and beyond.
    That being said, I would today simply like to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS.
    THANK YOU to ALL of YOU who contributed in so many ways . . . whether it be phone calls, door knocking, literature dropping, photo taking, sign planting, serving as precinct delegates or volunteers, helping with or just attending parades or events, working as election inspectors, poll challengers, or roving lawyers on election day, or simply being there and providing support over the last many months.  All of it was essential to what we achieved yesterday.  You should ALL be CONGRATULATED for your part in that.
    I also want to THANK and CONGRATULATE all of our candidates (and their families), win or lose, for running (and for supporting them in doing so).  Campaigning for office can be grueling, and it takes great personal sacrifice.  As we also have been reminded once again in recent weeks, politics can be a dirty business.  Candidates' lives are put under a public microscope, and they are forced to endure despicable lies and personal attacks that should have no place in our civilized society.  We appreciate their willingness to make these sacrifices and to perservere in the face of such challenges, in order to better the lives of their fellow citizens.
    Finally, I would like to take note of some of what we were able to accomplish yesterday locally, as we among other victories WON BACK the 7th Congressional seat; RETAINED the 18th State Senate seat; WON 2 of 4 State House seats (where formerly we held none); EXPANDED our representation on the County Commission to 3 (from 2) even without a single incumbent Republican commissioner running; and finally made an IN-ROAD into Augusta Township local government.  So, I would like to particularly extend our Thanks and Congratulations to our victorious candidates, including:
    TIM WALBERG                       (Congress, 7th District) (ousting incumbent Mark Schauer)
    RANDY RICHARDVILLE           (State Senate, 18th District) (and our next Senate Majority Leader)
    MARK OUIMET                        (State House, 52nd District)
    RICK OLSON                           (State House, 55th District)
    ROB TURNER                          (County Commission, 1st District)
    DAN SMITH                              (County Commission, 2nd District) (defeating incumbent Ken Schwartz)

    ALICIA PING                             (County Commission, 3rd District)
    BRIAN SHELBY                         (Augusta Twp Trustee)
    EILEEN WEISER                        (State Board of Education)
    ANDREA FISCHER-NEWMAN     (U-M Board of Regents)
    And let's not forget that WASHTENAW COUNTY also is HOME to our next Governor, RICK SNYDER, and our Michigan Republican Party Chair, RON WEISER, who was so instrumental in bringing about the great success of last evening.  Washtenaw County indeed will be well represented as we move into the future.
    Please extend your thanks and congratulations to all of them as well, and lend your support to all of our newly elected public officials as they move into their respective offices.
    Thanks again,

    Mark T. Boonstra
    Washtenaw County Republican Committee