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June 2009

  1. Summer Street Events

    Saline Community Fair "Picture of the Week"

    Sean Gray and Marlene Chockley get ready to lead us in the Saline Community Fair Parade!

    Washtenaw County Picnic "Picture of the Day"

    These tables fed over 250 people! [Click here to see a report.]

    Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Photo of the Week

    Seven volunteers in our tent at one time on Saturday [A new world record?].

    Dexter Daze Photo of the Week

    Our booth right after the parade on Saturday.

    Chelsea Summerfest Photo of the Week:

    Although we have more room in Chelsea than we did in Ann Arbor, our booth sometimes gets pretty packed.

    Art Fair Photo of the Week:

    Dave Adamson and Emily DeLater pet Chestnut, Linda Carruthers' dachsund, at our Art Fair Booth on Friday evening.  Chestnut is VERY concerned about the Obama Administration's foreign policy, and assured us that the dachsund vote will be solidly behind us in 2012

    Republicans TAKE TO THE STREETS in Ann Arbor!!

    Here is a look at our 4th of July Parade activities (but don't forget that there is still time to sign up to help out at the 50th Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair!!):