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July 2008

  1. Precinct Delegate Recruitment

    Dear Washtenaw Republicans -

    So you missed the precinct delegate filing deadline?  Not to worry!  You
    can still become a Washtenaw GOP precinct delegate.

    See the email below from Marlene Chockley, which explains how.

    If you haven't done so already, please sign up (see the attatched file link below this article).  We need you.


    Mark T. Boonstra
    Washtenaw County Republican Committee

    From: Marlene Chockley
    Subject: Precinct Delegate Recruitment

    County and District Chairs and Republican Group Leaders,

    We have so far succeeded in filing over 3300 precinct delegate
    candidates! Thank you for your role in this accomplishment. However, we
    can fill more of the empty slots-and we must! We owe it to our
    candidates to provide them with the manpower to succeed.

    While the filing deadline has passed for getting on the primary ballot,
    we can still recruit precinct delegates in almost the same way as before
    the deadline. Obtain a "Precinct Delegate Write-In Candidate Declaration
    of Intent" form. You can print off as many as you need from Secretary of
    State Terri Land's website. Visit www.michigan.gov/sos. Click on
    "Elections in Michigan" on the left sidebar, then "Information for
    Candidates", then "Filing for Office", then choose "Write-In Candidate
    Declaration of Intent - Precinct Delegate." Or just print off the form
    I've attached to this email.  (MZ edit:  or click here for a direct PDF in a new window)

    These forms can be filled out, notarized, and filed with the candidate's
    city or township clerk by 4 PM on the Friday prior to the August 5th

    Alternatively, a candidate for precinct delegate may file the form at
    his or her polling place at any time prior to the close of polls on
    primary election day.  It does not need to be notarized in this case
    since the candidate is filing in person. This variance from the standard
    procedure of filing before 4 PM on the prior Friday is only available
    for precinct delegates. The candidate would then need to get at least 1
    valid write-in vote (the highest vote-getter wins if the seat is
    contested). If there is any doubt about the write-in procedure, ask the
    precinct inspector for assistance.

    Send this note out to your volunteers and encourage them to sign up and
    get their friends to sign up. Go through your lists of past delegates
    and invite them back. This election can mark a turning point for the
    people of Michigan. Let's make that happen.

    Thank you for all your help and attention to this important task. If you
    have any questions, please call or email us. We're very glad to help.


    Hank Fuhs (Secretary, MRP)