September 2007

  1. GOP Candidate Debates in Michigan

    • Posted on: 7 September 2007
    • By: ericgl

    From Red State and Saul . . .

    - Yesterday we finalized plans with the University of Michigan at Dearborn and CNBC along with the Wall Street Journal to host a Republican Presidential Debate in Dearborn to be held on October 9th.

    CNBC will broadcast the debate live from 4-6 pm to catch the evening media cycle nationwide and then again from 9-11 nationwide.

    This debate will be focusing on “economic issues” effecting Michigan and the rest of the country. I can think of no better place than the home of the domestic auto industry as well as the home of the “Reagan Democrats” to host this debate.

  2. Check out Newt Gingrich's American Solutions

    What is American Solutions?
    American Solutions for Winning the Future is a new, non-partisan organization built around three goals: to defend America and our allies abroad and defeat our enemies, to strengthen and revitalize America’s core values, and to move the government into the 21st Century. The General Chairman is former Speaker Newt Gingrich.""
    Why are we holding Solutions Day?
    On September 27 and 29 citizens have the opportunity to start the change in their government. They can choose to do it at the school board level, the city council level, the county commission level, the state legislature level, the congressional level, or the presidential level. If you have an idea that you want to promote that is going to make life better for yourselves, your neighbors and your fellow Americans, this is your opportunity to get involved. It’s not often that one of these opportunities comes along -- this is the first of what we hope will be many. It’s time for citizens to take back their government! Solutions Day is about you. This is your opportunity -- and it doesn't matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent. It's about you, your family, and your future.
    What will happen on Solutions Day?
    Thursday, September 27
    On September 27th, American Solutions General Chairman Newt Gingrich will outline the challenges facing our country and how to address these challenges through fundamental transformational change. At American Solutions, we believe real change requires real change. You are invited to watch this opening presentation on the internet and on the Dish Satellite network (channel 219) and on DirecTV, (channel 577). If you miss the live event, you can always watch it on demand on the internet. Other live viewing opportunities may be announced at a later date. We encourage you to gather with friends and organize events to talk about the ideas discussed in the opening presentation.
    Saturday, September 29
    Then, on September 29th, American Solutions will host a series of workshops. Each workshop will be an hour long and moderated by civic leaders and issue experts on a variety of topics on how to transform government. There will be opportunities to ask workshop moderators questions and you will walk away from each workshop with practical ways to bring positive change to your community. The workshops will be broadcast on the internet and on the DISH Satellite network (channel 219). Here are the main components of a workshop:
    Moderators: Nationally known leaders and experts that will guide the discussion on a certain topic.
    Hosts: Individuals that organize workshops in their community or home. Hosts will welcome participants to their location, offer a brief introduction, and help facilitate discussion on the ideas raised during the workshops.
    Participants: Individuals that wish to attend a workshop and collaborate on ideas.
    Locations: A workshop location could be a large group gathering at a public venue (college, church, community center, etc), three or four people in their living room, or an individual on their own computer.
    Selection: Participants can choose from six different workshops during each hour long segment. Hosts will help each location determine which workshop to participate in. For those interested in several topics, video of all the workshops will be available on American Solutions’ website after they conclude.
    Format: Each workshop will begin with a 20 minute presentation from the moderator, followed by a 20 minute question and answer session, and concluded by 20 minutes of action items and steps to apply the proposed solutions in your community. There will be 15 minute breaks between workshops.
    For more information on this new initiative, see the website
    LOTS of great information there...