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August 2007

  1. Chelsea SummerFest Pix!

  2. Freedoms Watch.org counters Move on.org

    To counter the Move On tin hat crowd, an organization named Freedoms Watch has spent millions to buy air time and is promoting a strong defend America message.

    Sign up, view ads here . . .


  3. Of Vietnam, Japan, Education Camps and Blood

    On Rush Limbaugh's radio show today (8/22/2007) POTUS Bush's speech came up and a few callers made some great points.

    This is the argument that W needs to press - GOPer's in every state need to press this argument.


  4. Bush approval rating TWICE that of Congress!

    So the Dem's think everything is going their way. Nope, not even close. By contrast, W is winning the day.

    Yep, our own George Bush has bested the Democratic led Congress by a whopping 100%. His favorable poll numbers in mid-August are twice that of Congress.

    Unfortunately, Congress is about to set a new "ALL TIME LOW" in approval ratings (18%) so it can be a bit hard to define the data.

    See link for more . . .


  5. The Press, Beauchamp, and the Playing Field

    The Press (ABC/NBC/CNN/CBS/PBS/NPR/TIME/CNBC/NYT/NEWSWEEK) will only publish stories that sell advertisements (rating) and, of course, also have a hard left lean to them - hence a good news story from Iraq will not be published and if it is it will be minimized - back pages/downgraded/downsized/no pics no extended research - no follow ups - etc. Just count the 2006 NYT front page stories of 'Abu Ghraib' vs. US Army Victory stories.

    A great example is US Army Private T. Beauchamp. As a solider on the ground in Iraq, he has written a few negative war articles that were published and assumed to be the truth that only eyes and ears on the ground in Iraq could know. His stories were used as source material for perhaps 100,000's of posts, interview questions, commentaries and perhaps even policy decisions . . . I can only imagine how KOS readers have been bent by his words.

    And yet, now after an extensive investigation, now we now the truth, his comments are fiction - made up - or let's just say "lies" - intentional lies with the aim to distort the truth and perhaps make personal gains on the book circuit when he discharges (gets out of jail). No support was found for any event he described.

    Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2007/08/beauchamp_recants.asp

  6. Democratic Hypocrisy in Full Bloom

    Yet another video compilation from Youhootube showing how the positions of Democratic leaders on the war DRASTICALLY changed in the course of several months. Some of the flips are startling, like Mr. Kerry who lists Sadam as a murderer and about 24 months later states this is the wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Only choice french words come to mind.

    Take your blood pressure medicine first . . .

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCVZlLBchVE 5:22

  7. A+ Blogs

    I am no blogo-maniac, but a few postings in the blogosphere deserve extra credit. For instance, this 7/30/2007 post on the NYT printing the "revelation" that the current strategy is producing excellent results. And that (could it be!) that the Iraq war is winnable (if that is a word).


    I suppose the upcoming September 07' report on operations in Iraq will cause the Democrats to flip positions on the war again. Imagine Murtha saying "well I always supported the troops and do so now more then ever - our soliders can win this thing" blah blah blah.