Standing up for the 55,000 conservative voters in Washtenaw County
James Stewart [email protected] 7346747372 My Name is James Stewart.
Isaiah 10:1
Woe to those who enact evil statutes
And to those who constantly record unjust decisions,
It’s time for a change in leadership. God requires us to do what is just and what is right and that is more acceptable to him than sacrifice according to proverbs 21:3. Serving on the executive committee will require just that serving others and doing the right things. Washtenaw needs educated delegates and people who seek the will of God and not their own elevation of identity.
Jay Clark [email protected] 734-250-1439 My name is Jay Clark, I am a first term delegate.
I am a constitutional conservative, and therefore believe that our rights come from God, not from the government or elected officials.
Like many of you, I decided to become a delegate as I witnessed the acceleration of the erosion of our rights during our state's lockdowns. I believe in parent's rights, education reform, fair and transparent elections, and promoting small business in our state.
Since being elected delegate last August, I have participated in the County and State conventions, distributed literature and signs in my precinct and phoned precinct voters. I am very motivated and will work hard as an Executive Committee member.
Robin Kind Jr. [email protected] 7347779999 I would like to focus the EC on what matters. Being a guiding light for our community. Standing for conservative values and pointing to Jesus. We have lost focus as a party. We need to readjust.
Mary Oesterle [email protected] 7346782905 My name is Mary Oesterle and I am a speech-language pathologist with the Jackson County ISD. I’m a constitutionalist and believe strongly in maintaining individual liberties and freedoms, which lead me to become involved local city council campaigns in the 1990’s and off and on since then. In 1996, I helped assist the Dole Campaign with planning and logistics for Bob Dole’s visit to Chelsea. The lockdowns and loss of freedoms we encountered as well as the 2020 election led me become a precinct delegate and to join a group called Make Americans Free Again. I support the group’s goals of freeing Americans from government tyranny and addressing all medical mandates. Supporting our veterans has also always been near and dear to my heart and why I served as vice president and president of Manchester Legion Auxiliary in 2002 and 2003 respectively.
James (Jim) Burmeister [email protected] 734-429-5703 Fellow delegates, my name is Jim, and I am putting my hat in the arena for Executive Committee. I am a new precinct delegate from Freedom Township. Our County GOP needs to join to unite for the good of our Nation.
I will bring leadership and wisdom to our Executive Committee to support and respect all precinct delegates.
Past experiences;
• Lifetime Farmer.
• Leader for years in 4H.
• Member of the Saline Community Fair Board 1970-2020.
• Member of local Michigan Milk Producers Association board of directors and served as the Treasurer / Secretary.
• Member of Michigan Milk Producers resolution committee.
Your vote would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  [email protected] 7342181223 My name is Miriam Corvino and I’m a Precinct Delegate in Salem Township, Precinct 2. I hope you’ve been getting my emails! And I hope you’ll vote for me to be part of our next Executive Committee.
Like many, my journey started in November 2020, followed by:
• Protesting Mask Mandates for my children
• Homeschooling my Kindergartner and Fifth Grader
• Making public comment at local and state school board meetings
• Traveling across multiple counties to meet on Public Education issues
• Participating at the Washtenaw GOP Legislative Action Committee and Take Back Our Schools Subcommittee
• Coordinating events to educate my community on Public Education influences (SEL/DEI/CRT)
• Running as Candidate for South Lyon Community Schools Board of Education
• Campaigning with PDs and Candidates from Washtenaw, Oakland and Livingston Counties
In parallel to my focus on Public Education, I:
• Attended my first EC Meeting in January 2022
• Attended the Spring County Convention and the Spring State Convention as an Alternate
• Attended the Fall County Convention and the Fall State Convention as an America First Precinct Delegate
• Accepted a volunteer role as Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee in mid-August
• Represented the Washtenaw-GOP to the Tudor Dixon Campaign for signs and literature
• Was one of two local school board candidates invited to headline at a Tudor Dixon event
• Scheduled Matt DePerno for a Washtenaw GOP Fundraiser Dinner
• Pulled off some really fun events with some great Patriots that included all of our Precinct Delegates
• Prayed A LOT
I met many of you making phone calls or as you were picking up signs/lit and I was so encouraged to know firsthand how busy you were doing your own impactful parts. I hope you will consider me as a Candidate for our Executive Committee so I may make even more meaningful contributions toward becoming a powerful and productive GOP. Please feel free to ask me for recommendations!
Lisa D Gubaci-Root [email protected] 7346638408 I will boast not of myself, but of the Lord God of my heart & soul. It is His will, not mine, that guides my life. It is He who has called me to such a time as this. To bring unity and hope to His people. I choose to walk in faith, not by sight. I will not compromise nor bow down to money or power for they both corrupt the hearts of men. I will stand on God's truth and do what He has called me to do I will always pray that the Lord Jesus Christ goes before me and prepares the way. This is what I want you to know about me!
Janet Riggs [email protected] 734-358-1106 My name is Jan Riggs, and I am running for election to the Executive Committee of the Washtenaw County GOP.
I became involved with this group, working the phone banks for the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008. I returned to work the phones for the Romney/Ryan campaign in 2012. I have walked in parades for candidates and was elected Precinct Delegate this past August. During the November election, I was part of the Absentee Ballot Vote Count Board in the City of Ann Arbor.
Before retiring from the University of Michigan, I worked as Research Administrator in several different colleges. This position requires the ability to manage competing deadlines and provide clear communication to different stakeholders. These skills plus the ability to think creatively to solve a problem will help me to be an effective member of the Executive Committee.
My passion is to provide behind-the-scenes support to whoever needs it. This can be organizing training materials for Precinct Delegates to access as well as resources on how to present your ideas to someone who does not agree with you and the best form of persuasion to use; organizing events from set up to tear down; and working with candidates and their campaigns in whatever way is needed. Focusing on our County is the first step to changing the state.
Samantha Strayer [email protected] (734) 652-9727 Hello! My name is Samantha Strayer, and I am running for the WCGOP Executive Committee, eager to work hard and make changes that will positively impact what and how we do things at the county and state levels. I realized after the 2020 election that the only way to effect real change is at the local level.
About me in a nutshell:
* Hillsdale College – Director of Publications and Deputy Editor of Imprimis
* Freelance writer — published at The Federalist, RealClearPolitics, and American Greatness
* America First, MAGA
* B.A. (UC Irvine) and M.A. (Hillsdale College) in politics
* County captain for Michigan Precinct First — recruiting, training, connecting
* First-time Precinct Delegate
* Canvassed on behalf of candidates and against all three propositions
* Created and mailed 400 postcards to voters in my precinct against Prop 3
* Wrote Letter to the Editor in support of our great Chelsea school board candidates
The WCGOP’s mission is to defeat Democrats and their radical agenda. The EC is not a club. Politics is not a game. This is about the future of our country. At a bare minimum, we should throw sand in the gears to stop or slow down whatever the Left wants to do. But we can do much, much more.
As a member of the EC, I wish to lead our public relations and communications efforts, so that we have a strong presence online and improve voter engagement. My focus will be victory in 2024, working around the obstacles the Left has put in our way. My approach is straightforward: save the county, save the state, save the country.
Please help me do just that with your vote. Thank you!
Michelle McQueer [email protected] 734-709-8091


John K. Piatt [email protected] 7347308570 John K. Piatt, PD
Executive Committee Candidate
I’m a resident of Chelsea, Michigan, married to my wife Jenny and have two children: John and Avery. John graduated Chelsea High School in 2021, and attends Ferris State University, and Avery is a junior at Chelsea High School.
I’m a professional land surveyor and business owner, operating Piatt Land Surveying, Chelsea, Michigan.
Following the 2020 election, I did not feel that a good portion of our country was being represented, and with potential voter fraud being the sole culprit for a loss of freedom, I felt compelled to do something. During the recent primary election, I was elected precinct delegate for Lyndon Township.
The ability to serve on the Executive Committee is a chance to motivate others and campaign for good people to fill key roles in the Republican Party. We need strong leaders who will advocate for the quiet conservatives across this great nation.
I’m not a politician, but a concerned citizen, parent, and defender of democracy. I feel our country is on a path towards socialism if things don’t change course. Our effort is needed to protect our freedoms, protect democracy, and keep our children free from political bullying in the schools.
In the 2022 election, I campaigned for the Chelsea School Board, and unfortunately, lost after a long campaign. I refuse to let this change my determination to do what is right, defend our beliefs, not only for our way of life, but for future generations.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with others in the Republican Party, support candidates that share our conservative views and will work to defend our freedom. I will use my business background for campaign networking, fundraising, and assistance to others running for office.
I appreciate your support.
Ron Howdyshell [email protected] 2486055295 I would like the opportunity to serve on the Washtenaw County Executive Committee. I have been a precinct delegate for Lima Township since 2016. During that time, I have attended all county meetings and conventions, attended all state conventions except for the August 2022 convention. I was the alternate delegate to the 2020 National Republican Convention for our district. I have been a poll challenger and for the last two elections worked as an election inspector. I participated in the 2016 and 2020 Trump presidential campaigns and attended the inauguration in 2016.
In my township I have been a member of the Board of Review for property taxes for the past seven years; a trustee (alternate) on the Chelsea Area Fire Authority for six years; and a member of the Lima Township Planning Commission since 2020.
Professionally I have worked in operation management roles primarily in the automotive industry throughout my 37 year career. I retired in 2021. I believe my background developing and leading organizations and working with people at all levels to improve the effectiveness of the organization will help me serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
My background as an engineer leads me to be data driven. I think understanding the voting data from this last election is an important part of moving the party forward to greater success in 2024 and beyond.
Rodney Udell [email protected] 7346789912 I am a high voltage electrician at the University of Michigan with 30 years of experience. I inspect electrical equipment to ensure that it is safe to use and has the ability to install new electrical wiring and fixtures all around the University of Michigan.
I have always possessed an interest in what happens within our state, country and world. Recently, I decided that to make an impact in what happens I needed to become more actively involved.
In 2022 I ran for a delegate position in Washtenaw County. I work hard and am always looking for ways to make things better.
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, camping up north, hunting and reading.
Marc Boone [email protected] 734-417-8361 I am a retired plumber, member of Local 190. I hope we can use our wide range of experiences to reach out to more people.
Dee Davey (wears a Hat) deedavey@protonmail 7342331513 An America-First grassroots Patriot, I will help heal our party, and unite the people within this group through open and transparent dialog – open meetings where ALL are invited. America is in a state of crisis. We should not tolerate division and must all unite together to overcome the evil around us.
War Room inspired me to become a PD in 2022. Without Wash-gop guidance, I took the “Just Do It” approach to educate myself. As an EC member, I will change the onboarding process and help new PDs become effective and make a difference like I have:
• Recruited and organized Salem PDs; achieved full coverage of precinct door knocking
• Personally knocked 600+ doors to sign petitions, “get out the vote”, and educate neighbors on evil Props
• Designed / distributed Primary and Mid-Term Precinct-Specific voter guides; “Precinct Team” flyer with all PD contact information for constituents
I chair the Washtenaw Election Integrity Task Force, a small but effective group under the umbrella of Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections an issue-based, nonpartisan political movement that welcomes all who support election integrity and the US and Michigan Constitutions.
Through my leadership our group has
• Obtained information to support investigations / legislative action
• Recruited Poll Inspectors / Challengers
• Enhanced understanding of election processes - security and vulnerability
I am a retired Services Product Manager and business professional, with a talent for viewing organizations from a process perspective. I am gifted with an ability to see the big picture and at the same time competently manage detail.
Having lived outside of the US for 30 years, I also have a view of the world from a broader perspective. I understand the implications of the Global Reset. I am aware that the global agenda has wide sweeping tentacles that may also be embedded in the GOP.
Sandra Aquino [email protected] 734 730 4645 I am a retired biology teacher of nearly 30 years with Ann Arbor Public schools. I have a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in physical science. I am very concerned about the divisiveness caused by the educational policies in our communities with regard to Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Not only are these policies divisive, but they are also detrimental. They are contrary to critical thinking and an excellent education.
I think my experience as a teacher gives me a unique perspective that would be valuable to the county Executive Committee. I think I would be a good fit for the public relations and outreach committees. This past fall, I organized a neighborhood conservative coffee group. We meet once a month to talk with likeminded people. It has been very rewarding as conservatives have felt very isolated and alone. I wish to expand our group and hope it serves as a model for what others can do in their communities to bring people together.
Brian Bennett [email protected] 248-486-6101 I'm a recently added PD for Salem pct. 1 and while fairly new to activism have been a Republican my whole adult life.
My 1st opportunity to vote for President was cast for Reagan.
While door knocking our area I was glad to confirm that most R's share Judi's and my view that as a Party we need to solidly embrace America First values.
I'm a NRA Life Member a Range Safety Officer, as we enjoy the shooting sports as a hobby.
I've also held past BoD positions in a couple of Sports Car clubs (another hobby ;-),so have some understanding of how volunteer organizations work.
Thank you for your consideration,
Michael Strother [email protected] 7343250650 Dear Fellow Washtenaw County Party Republicans,
I am thankful for the Washtenaw County GOP Committee and glad to be part of the work to achieve Republican ideals. As a member of the Executive Committee I want to lead the further development of our Issues Committee, and a meeting to discuss issues at the Birthplace of the Republican Party in Jackson, Michigan. This last September I organized the Issues Committee meeting in Jackson. The meeting idea came from our Issues Committee discussion regarding our Washtenaw County campaign messaging website banner. The banner highlighted the Jackson historical marker and our candidates for office. In 2023, the “OAK CONFERENCE” issues meeting is envisioned to be a collaborative effort on the part of fellow Republicans from other GOP Committees who now regularly attend our Issues Committee meetings.
GOP Under the Oaks Historical Marker
As a current member on the Executive Committee I would like to ask for your continued support. I will work to organize our group to develop our position on issues and to elect Republican candidates to office. I would like to ask for your vote to continue in my position on the Executive Committee.
On December 15th please mark your calendar for our Christmas Party at Aubree’s at 39 E. Cross Street, in Depot Town, Ypsilanti. This event will support homeless veterans. Please see the flyer posted on the website for details.
Thank you,
Michael Strother
Anna Hoffman [email protected] 5172627766 I am a paralegal by trade but more importantly, a mother of three young children.
I got involved in local politics in 2020 when I launched a grassroots parent group to fight the unnecessary and prolonged school closures at Ann Arbor Public Schools. Through this two year experience, I made contacts statewide, learned about Michigan’s broken education system, and became a strong school of choice advocate. In the process, I became public enemy number one to the liberal elite in Ann Arbor, and have made it my mission to challenge their radical agenda every chance I get.
I have experience with nonprofit management, PAC management, fundraising, marketing, event planning, testifying in Lansing, and contact with conservative Michigan media members and legislators. Most recently, I’ve been involved in identifying candidates for local school boards, researching policy, writing publications, and promoting campaigns and candidates. I was recently accepted to the Conservative Leadership Institute Training for Capitol Hill Staff in Washington DC.
I believe Washtenaw County has a strong and talented Republican base and we are best when we work together toward our common goal of protecting the Constitution by defeating the toxic progressive agenda that threatens our families, our freedom, and American values.
Ruthie Freeman [email protected] 7346789365 I'm interested in getting on the Executive Committee to find solutions and bring uplifting positive energy to our team. I am a strong Republican and I am willing to recruit others and continue to learn, share and build our team. I will do the best I can for our Washtenaw GOP.
I became a Precinct Delegate August 2022.
Other duties: setting up events, getting signatures on 3 different petitions 9-2020 thru 1-2022.
Secretary MAFA Make Americans Free Again.
Attending Board of Education meetings.
County Captain for Garrett Soldano for Governor.
In charge of 4 chapters on social media.
Campaign Mgr. for Trenda Eversole for Sylvan Twp. Clerk.
Door knocking, leaving literature, supporting all candidates in the area.
Election Inspector 11-2022.
Polly McNichol [email protected] 734-646-3899 Please consider voting for me, Polly McNichol, for the WGOP Executive Committee.
A little about me:
- Graphic Designer
- Small business owner (I maintain the website for that business)
- Farmer
- Retired (from automotive design)
- Testified to the wholesale fraud I saw as a Poll Challenger in 2020 at the TCF Center
- Ran for Whitmore Lake School Board in 2022
- Current member of the Executive Committee
- Precinct Delegate
What I would like to see for the WGOP going forward:
WGOP needs branding and marketing. So do the MiGOP and the RNC, but WGOP is more realistic. I think improving the image of Republicans can actually change minds.
Another passion of mine lately is election integrity. And now, with the passing of Prop 2, we'll have more problems than ever before. I'd like to to see the WGOP join forces with successful election integrity groups to see if we can further their efforts. If we don't fix the election fraud, all is for naught.
Marcello Maccani [email protected] 7344892560 Previous campaign experience working for the Republican Presidential campaign in 2012 as well as working with primary congressional candidate Rocky Raczkowski in 2018. Current student at Hillsdale College, graduating in 2024. I am seeking to establish a youth wing of the Washtenaw County GOP. Unfortunately, resources have been wasted by not reaching out to the young voter demographic. I intend to work alongside University of Michigan as well as Eastern Michigan College Republican organizations, as well as other youth groups, to organize and mobilize young Republicans in the county. As the second youngest precinct delegate in Washtenaw, I have a unique position in understanding young voters and the issues that motivate them.
I have experience in campaigning to understand the ground effort needed to make an effective movement by the grassroots and know I will be capable of bringing new and creative direction to the party. By voting for me, you are endorsing a grassroots movement to reinvigorate the Washtenaw County GOP and introduce more young voters to conservative politics. By focusing on the future of the American electorate, we can begin to make effective changes in Washtenaw that will strengthen the GOP for generations. Change begins with our youth, and we will never effectively reach them by ignoring them. I humbly ask for your vote so that we can no longer ignore the youth of Washtenaw County and effectively use our resources to change the direction of our county and state.
John Dunlap [email protected] 734-576-0975 I am interested in serving on the Washtenaw County GOP Executive Committee to help build a functional team leading to the growth of the local Republican Party and increased support for Republican candidates at the local and State level.
I am a life-long conservative and resident of Washtenaw County (Scio Twp.) for 22 years. I have served on Polo Fields Homeowners Association Board as president (6 years) and legal advisor (10 years).
• Precinct Delegate since 2018
• Member of Precinct Delegate Caucus
• Served as Elections Chair, Elections Inspector, Poll Challenger in multiple elections
• Currently Vice-Chairman of the Washtenaw GOP Executive Committee and Treasurer for the 12th Congressional District Committee (becoming the 6th).
• Organized candidate Meet & Greet events in early 2022, in preparation for the April State Convention.
• Helped coordinate Precinct Delegate recruitment effort, resulting in approximately 140 new Precinct Delegates.
• Helped coordinate 2022 campaign efforts, including coordinator of Washtenaw County campaign for Tudor Dixon.
• Helped develop the county’s conservative voter guides, distributed literature and signage, made calls and knocked on doors.
• Served on Washtenaw County Board of Community Corrections for approximately 20 years.
Professionally, I am VP of Business Development in the software industry, specializing in visualization and predictive analytics software. I have held senior management roles in the computer security industry, industrial automation and semiconductor markets (Rockwell, Scheider-Electric, Motorola). Two startups: VoIP and Microbrewery.
I am active in Boy Scouts (troop treasurer for over 10 years), two sons with Eagle Scout rank, serve as Charter Organization Representative, as well as active at St. Francis Parish (finance council chair, building committee vice-chair).
Background: B.S. Computer Engineering, M.B.A., College of Law at University of Toledo. Active licensed attorney in Ohio. Attended graduate courses at Case Western Reserve, Marquette and University Of Michigan. Multiple patents.
Thank you for your consideration.
Wyckham Seelig [email protected] 734-709-8766 -- Upgraded our website’s content management system
-- Posted many campaign information links on our website
-- Trained individuals in site use so they could post content
-- Designed and posted “punchy” campaign issue posters: the Dingel Dynasty, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion
-- Upgraded our website’s e-commerce capability to enable “one-click” purchases
-- Made extensive use of our contacts data base which now includes over 2,700 voters in Washtenaw County providing campaigns with lists such as
* Individuals who were willing to display yard signs
* Individuals who were willing to deliver yard signs
* Individual who were willing to host "meet and greets" for candidates
* Names, phone numbers and email addresses of Precinct Delegates
* Individuals who were interested in specific issues such as immigration, the economy, education (specifically CRT), taxation and, especially, abortion
-- We also made a concerted effort to reach out to our contacts and engage them in the campaign.
-- We combined a Michigan Republican Party list of likely Republican voters with our county database to produce lists for our Precinct Delegates to use in their get out the vote efforts. This project identified over 45,000 potential Republican voters in the county.
--We made extensive use of our Mailchimp email application to produce two series of emails:
* Campaign Updates that highlighted events, activities, and issues. These were sent to our "big" email list of over 1000 individuals
* Precinct Delegate Updates that provided information that these individuals could use in their campaigning
-- We also identified areas for improvement including
* Better training and coordination of Precinct Delegate activities
* Add more individuals to provide site content
* Improved ability to get in touch with our contacts [phones and emails]
* Earlier campaigning -- where we can before the primary is completed
Jason Rogers [email protected] 734.239.5067 I decided to get involved in politics when I realized how much the Marxist, communist, and socialist agendas have taken over our country. Marx is famous for stating that two of his goals were to destroy capitalism and dethrone God. For many years, I thought Christians ought to stay out of politics because "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier." (2 Timothy 2:4) But I realized late in 2019 that was a myopic and incorrect view of the Scriptures. I want to be more involved in our local politics precisely because I'm a believer and am called to thwart the attacks of the Enemy as much as possible. I believe the focus and drive of The Left is directly inspired by the Enemy, as can been seen in the works of Marx, Alinsky, Sanger, and pretty much the entire Democratic Party these days.
I'm a Software Engineer with almost 24 years of experience in the industry, and can bring a great deal of know-how and professionalism to our county GOP's digital footprint. I love working in the background. I'm generally amenable, approachable, and very teachable. I'm passionate about using technology for the general good, about protecting our children, and protecting our elections.
Annette Kennedy [email protected] 5179145124 Notable trait: I am fearless in defending our Constitutional Freedoms!
In the past 10 years I have worked diligently to promote Republican candidates and grow our party.
I have involved young people:
-recruited young Precinct Delegates
-supported high school students protesting overreach in schools
-trained teens to go door-to-door for candidates
Other areas of service:
-recruited candidates for County Commissioner, City Council, Township Trustee
-recruited and trained many Precinct Delegates
-supported many national, state and local candidates (went to thousands of doors, made phone calls, promoted fundraisers, distributed signs, coordinated donations for school board candidates)
-set-up and worked the Republican booth at fairs/festivals
-worked many elections
-organized parades
I greatly increased the number of members of WCGOP and the number of Precinct Delegates in our county.
I am passionate about all things Republican but my gift is Outreach. I will continue to grow the WCGOP with a particular focus on youth. They are our future!
Steven Hoover [email protected] 734-545-3739 I am a lifelong conservative and have served on many boards at church etc., but realized I studied and talked politics but didn't really get involved. I ran for PD and went to the state convention to change that. I believe the EC should be a service committee and should be committed to listening to, equipping, and serving their fellow PDs, which is what I pledge to do if elected.
Angela Dahms [email protected] 2483424784 I have a passion especially for local politics. I have a conservative mindset, strong organization skills and a work ethic that won’t quit! A background in working behind the scenes in several campaigns and an election inspector in Flint. I know how to fight for fair elections! I currently work in the service industry as a hairstylist, the business manager at a successful local small business and have worked at a catering/events planning company. I would service as a dedicated member of the EC committee in anyway possible! 🇺🇸
Bob Deacon [email protected] 313-378-7513 County resident/48 years
Widowed, with two kids/two granddaughters
Engineering and MBA degrees
Retired after 42 years of automotive industry experience at Ford with manufacturing/business development/program management
Worked/lived in China for 3 years
Organization/multi-tasking/problem-solving abilities have produced results on challenging tasks, coordinating cross-functional teams, bridging cultural differences
New PD with Poll Challenger &canvassing experience
WGOP Focus: Campaign Management-Bring experience/skills to strengthen our candidate’s public profile on web-based sites (Ballotpedia/Mlive/etc.), funding needs, and voting strategies that increase the participation rate of conservatives
Adam de Angeli [email protected] 734-972-9224 I've ran multiple successful political campaigns for conservative underdogs. Gary Glenn (2014), Jeff Noble (2016), and John Reilly (2016), the latter whom I served as legislative director for more than three years. These past two years, I created the Rescue Michigan Coalition which now includes over 80,000 subscribers and deployed more than 100,000 fliers and 100,000 text messages in this year’s election season. I wish to assist the Executive Committee in organization-building efforts as a professional with experience doing so.
Phyllis Risdon [email protected] 734 649-6999 Served as WashtenawCounty Captain for KristinaKaramo4SoS campaign…what a great ride!
Numerous years experience serving on Boards: DexterBandBoosters-11years; President of the UnitedStatesAirForceAcademyParentsClubEasternMichigan -including 4 years All-Academy Ball committee; DexterCommunityBand; MichiganConservativeUnion; WC-GOP EC; and more.
I understand how to conduct meetings and work together as a team to accomplish great things!
Being in ColoradoSprings for my daughter’s promotion ceremony (to Lt. Colonel) will keep me from attending County convention, BUT I will be with you in spirit.
Eric Lielbriedis [email protected] 17349451171 - Since 2002, a Precinct Delegate and WGOP Ex Com member/volunteer
- Multiple State Conventions
- Previous Candidate 52nd MI House Seat
- Various WGOP Committees over the years
- Tea Party member 'before there was a Tea Party'
- Pro-Reagan, Trump, MAGA, America First, Pro-Life, Christian.
- Creative - Strategic - Positive.
- WGOP FUTURE FOCUS: Growing Membership, Raising NEW Money, Raising the Republican Reputation/Brand, more Candidates/Bench, PD run Voter Roll Verification program (the Streetfighter project)
- (Finance MBA, BS in Biology)
sandra mirek [email protected] 2483181400 We the people love our country and wish to serve. God bless America 🇺🇸
William Gordon [email protected] 17349943480 I would like to continue on the County Executive Committee and would continue as treasurer if re-elected.
Summary of political work:
Have voted Republican since Reagan.
Went door to door for Sarah Palin and John McCain 2008
Joined the Western Washtenaw Tea Party in 2010
Elected to the Executive Committee in 2012 thru 2020
Have served on 12th Congressional District Republican Committee 2012-present.
Sued Washtenaw County Commission in 2014 for illegal collection of taxes -…
Elected to State Committee in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020
Served on State Committees: Issues, Policy, Election Integrity, Budget
Attended 2016 Republican National Convention as an Alternate Delegate
Elected Vice Chair of the Washtenaw EC 2016
Appointed Treasurer of the EC in 2017
Elected Chair of the Washtenaw Executive Committee in 2018
Elected Treasurer of the EC in 2020
Have worked as a Poll Challenger or Election Inspector in Dearborn, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor
Have been part of vote counting team at several County Conventions to assure a fair and accurate count
Financially support the County party and Republican candidates at all levels
Currently a party to litigation challenging the 2020 Michigan redistricting final plan
Married to Teena for 30 years. 3 children, 7 grandchildren, who I think about every time this gets hard.
40 year career in property restoration including management and marketing. (Separate resume can be supplied)
Christy Anderson [email protected] (734)652-5560 I, Christy Anderson, would like to submit my name for Consideration to the Executive Committee as an Event Organizer. I have a BS from Eastern Michigan University in Hospitality and have work the majority of my life in the field. I was a stay-at-home mother of three boys and I currently attend Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. I hope to be able to offer my experience in the field to help contribute to the expansion and success of the MAGA movement and returning integrity to the election process.
Christy Anderson
Richard Bollinger [email protected] 734-645-7170 I think the next two years will be exciting and require a lot of work on the part of the local GOP. I have been on this committee some decades ago. I am retired now which means I am an entrepreneur again and my workload will increase. The saying is, "If you want to get something done, find someone already busy to do it."
So, I need to get busy on all fronts.
Right, Wyck?
James Giacalone [email protected] 734-395-6533 I am a 33 year resident of Washtenaw County and full-time Realtor. I understand how the Shut Downs affected small businesses, I am one of them.26
I am married to a traditional Italian Mom. We have 4 boys, 2 of which are married with families and have 7 grandkids. The other 2 attend Saline High School and play Varsity Hockey.34
To watch what the liberal democrats are doing to our State and Country is why I'm involved today.19
Tawn Beliger [email protected] 7347280779 My husband (Gerry Hermann) and I have been active in the Legislative Action Committee and the Take Back Our Schools Committee. I was elected as a Trustee in Northfield Township in 2016 where I strived for protecting people's rights and fighting the expansion of local government. I endeavor to bring energy, inspiration, networking, and to share the political experience I have thus far obtained.
Gerald Hermann [email protected] 734-502-1565 My wife, Tawn Beliger (Lemon), and I have been coordinating the Legislative Action Committee and the Take Back Our Schools committees over the past two years. I was also elected to the Northfield Township Library Board in 2020. I work at Laser Mechanisms where I head up the Electrical Engineering group. We attend Calvary Baptist Church in Whitmore Lake where I run the audio/video. I'd like to help stop the decay of morality in our society.
Fred Ward [email protected] 7346655680 I am a
Constitutional Conservative
Precinct Delegate - Ann Arbor, 3/25 Precinct
Other leadership and professional experiences:
Treasurer (2013-2020) 12th CDRC
Treasurer (2016-2018) WCREC
Republican State Convention Delegate since 2012
Engineering & Management Consultant
Active duty Naval Aviator, Tactical Mission Commander
Army Reserve (Retired), Commanding Officer, Company A/3rd/158th CAR
Lecturer IV (Retired), Program in Technical Communication, College of Engineering, UofM
Academic Background:
Mathematics, BS, UMass, Amherst
Applied Physics, MS, Johns Hopkins
Operations Research, MS, UofM, Ann Arbor
Reid scott [email protected] 734-546-6162 Been heavily involved in the county party for 6 years now
      Was ambassador and later president of the college republicans at EMU
      Was in student government as a senator at EMU
      Was also on the business and finance board at EMU
      Worked on the Barrett, Woolford, Dixon, Karamo, Deperno, Schmaltz, and Golding campaign
      Survived cancel culture 
      Former regional field director for MIGOP 
      Never missed a single county meeting
      30 years old, we have a serious problem with you and the youth vote, have to have young people in leadership roles to work on courting youth votes
      Well known in the grassroots movement
      Very reliable and always on time and precise 
      Very strong conservative, I don’t back down or get scared easily. Again went through cancel culture and went through all the hell you could imagine a liberal throwing at you
Judi Bennett [email protected]