Standing up for the 55,000 conservative voters in Washtenaw County

 The Republican Party in Washtenaw starts with you - the voter.  Your turnout in every election -  local, state or national - means everything for our candidates and our ideals.

Next comes the Precinct Delegate. A Precinct Delegate represents the Republicans in their voting precinct. With the help of the county party, precinct delegates keep in touch with their neighbors in their precinct.  Then 4 times each two-year cycle, precinct delegates gather at County Conventions to elect the county executive committee, and elect delegates to 3 state conventions that pick candidates for the fall even year elections, the officers of the state party and the National Committeeman and Committee Woman from Michigan.  Precinct Delegates get preference over non delegates in filling state delegations. Precinct Delegates also can run for seats on the county executive committee and their congressional district republican committee. A lucky few are elected as delegates every 4 years to the Republican National Convention. 

The county executive committee sets priorities for local activism, supports and develops local candidates, and conducts a variety of activities to educate and engage voters in Washtenaw County including dinners, parades, street fair booths and workshops. 

The congressional district committee elects 6 representatives to the Michigan Republican State Committee, supports regional and state candidates, and, in Presidential years, elects 3 delegates and 3 alternates to the Republican National Convention from the congressional district. 

Washtenaw County Executive Committee   (2023 - 2024) Elected December 2022
Janet Riggs Ann Arbor City 4 36 734-358-1106 [email protected]
Marcello Maccani Ann Arbor City 1 10 734-489-2560 [email protected]
Mary Elizabeth Oesterle Chelsea City   1 734-678-2905 [email protected]
Rodney W. Udell Chelsea City   2 734-678-9912 [email protected]
Ruthie Freeman Chelsea City   1 734-678-9365 [email protected]
Ron Howdyshell Lima Township   1 734-433-1121 [email protected]
Samantha Strayer Lima Township   1 734-652-9727  
Jason Rogers Lodi Township   1 734-239-5067  
Annette C. Kennedy Lyndon Township   1 517-914-5124 [email protected]
John Piatt Lyndon Township   1 734-730-8570 [email protected]
Polly McNichol Northfield Township   1 734-646-3899 [email protected]
Steven Douglas Hoover Pittsfield Township   6 734-572-0387 [email protected]
Angela Helen Dahms Saline City   4 248-342-4784 [email protected]
Eric Lielbriedis Saline City   1 734-945-1171 [email protected]
John H. Dunlap Scio Township   7 734-576-0975  
Robert Deacon Scio Township   7 734-996-2893 [email protected]
Sandra Lee Aquino Scio Township   3 734-730-4645  [email protected]
William M. Gordon Scio Township   4 734-994-3480 [email protected]
Adam de Angeli York Township   1 734-972-9224 [email protected]
Jonathan Smart Ann Arbor City 3 30 843-441-8869 [email protected]
Leslie Kay Shannon Ann Arbor City 3 24 734-276-7186 [email protected]
Stuart Berry Ann Arbor City 5 50 734-757-7712 [email protected]
Paulette Metoyer Ann Arbor Township   1 734-668-8039 [email protected]
Nicolette Snyder Lima Township   2 719-646-9266 [email protected]
Robert Zimmerman Pittsfield Township   11 734-735-1101 [email protected]
David Trent Salem Township   1 248-982-1361 [email protected]
Robert Borer III Saline City   2 734-649-5329 [email protected]
Jeffrey R. Robbins Scio Township   7 734-604-0614 [email protected]
Gary S. Greiner Scio Township   5 734-536-7878 [email protected]
Robert Guysky Sharon Township   1 248-202-1739 [email protected]
Todd VonSchulze Ypsilanti City 1 2 734-732-2061  
Martin A. Church Ypsilanti City 3 3 734-834-4282 [email protected]
Brett Birk Ypsilanti Township   15 313-268-4172 [email protected]
Dale Biniecki          
Jason Woolford          
Kathy Schmaltz          
Richard L. Sharland          
Scott Price       734-834-4546  
Tim Golding          
Tina Bednarski-Lynch