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Final August 2022 State Convention Delegate Results 
(August 11, 2022 County Convention)

Delegates will be seated at the August 27th State Convention

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Stewart, James
Brown, Scott
McNichol, Polly
Kennedy, Annette
Haines, Rhonda
Borer, Robert
Haines, David
Kennedy, Cassandra (CLeigh)
Black, Mona
Strayer, Samantha
Beliger, Tawn
Golding, Laurel
Kind, Stacy
Fischhaber, Cindy
Guysky, Robert
Hoover, Steven
de Angeli, Adam
Jacobson, Jiemin
Kind Jr. , Robin
McQueer, Dan
Aquino, Sandy
Giacalone, James
Hoover, Susan
Dunlap, John
Schwager, Bryce
White, Linda Jo
Schwager, Margot
Henson, Scott
Shannon, Leslie
Bielak, Barbara
Dahms, Angela
McQueer, Michelle
Riggs, Janet
Smart, Brenda
Corvino, David
Harrison, Jack
Rogers, Jason
Ward, Fred
Maccani, Marcello
Nicholai, Michelle
Risdon, Phyllis
Corvino, Miriam



Bielak, Charles 1
Roberson, Jacob 2
Singleton, James 3
Davey, Dee 4
Morse, Denis 5
Strausbaugh, Richard 6
Freeman, Ruthie 7
Fuqua-Frey, Deborah 8
Church, Martin 9
Czupinski, Michelle (Shelly) 10
Strausbaugh, Linda 11
Bennett, Brian 12
Wood, Jill 13
Hooker, Rick 14
Udell, Rodney 15
Kasieta, Justin 16
Howdyshell, Ron 17
Vitale, Sam 18
Wood, Christopher 19
Zhang, Weili 20
Vitale, Marilyn 21
Hutchison, Linda 22
Scott, Reid 23
Frye, Linda 24
Bizgu, Mariana 25
Dettling, Alan 26
Anderson, Christy 27
Melody, Tracey 28
Murawski, Marc 29
Smart, Jonathan 30
Sewell, Jonda 31
Sczepanski, Jeff 32
Rhoton, Craig 33
Layher, Mary Gilson 34
Egler, Pete 35
Domas, Monique 36
Keller, Charissa 37
Luan, Joanna 38
Cliff, Pam 39
Thompson, Dorian 40
Vadino, Anthony 41
Gordon, William 42


Hima Kolanagireddy, candidate for the Republican nomination in Michigan's 6th Congressional District dropped by our booth on Saturday.  Here are a couple of images of that visit.  The first is Hima talking to some voters who stopped by (there were many) and the the second is Hima with treasurer Bill Gordon who was working the booth that afternoon.



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