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Come out and support a great candidate for Washtenaw County Commissioner at her Oktoberfest Fundraiser.

Visit the following link for a printable copy of the flier: 


Or Visit Julie's website to RSVP for this great event: 
















Presidential Debate Watch Party

Register Today at:

Join us for an Debate Night Watch Party  Monday, September 26, 2016 at the Dexter Pub. Starting at 8:30 P.M. evening we'll be gathering to watch the first of the Presidential Debates between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton which will will air from 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM. This ought to be an interesting night!

Come out and Join Us!

Food is of course available  from their menu throughout the night and a cash bar will be available for those interested.  We encourage all attending to support the venue as they are not charging us for the room use, so dinner and drink sales will be their only source of revenue.

Monday, September 26th, 2016
8:30 PM  -  10:30 PM
Dexter Pub
8114 Main St. Dexter, MI 48130

Let us know that you're interesting in attend by registering at the below link:


Our Busy Summer Continues -- The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

The week after our picnic, we went "on the road" to Ypsilanti for that city's
annual Heritage Festival.  As anybody who has ever been to the YHF knows,
each year they stage a duck race in which children put toy ducks into the
Huron River, and the first kid whose duck makes it to the net down steam
wins.  Well, here are some workers putting up the net ...

... and just across from this net was ...

... our booth! [Note the kids play area on the grass behind us].  Looking out
from our booth we saw some nice visitors, including ...

... Ray Mullins, former head of the Ypsilanti NAACP organization, standing
here with volunteer hero Tom Banks.  Just north of our booth along the
walkway was this:

... booth, in which a nice young woman was selling indigenously man-
ufactured products to support efforts to eliminate human trafficking.  As you
can see, her setup wasn't exactly water tight, so we offered her shelter during
Saturday afternoon's rain storm.

Meanwhile, as you can see, we had plenty of Jeff Jones material at our
booth which was very busy ...

... for most of the day on Sunday.

Maybe this is the year (at last) we end the Dingle Dynasty!!


Our Summer Picnic

We just completed an absolutely wonderful summer picnic.  There isn't time tonight to do a complete photo album, but we thought we would share a few photos of this event with you now.  We'll focus this little report on one aspect of the picnic, the kids' activities, and the job that Cindy Fischaber did to make sure that they had a great time.  So to start with, here is the way Cindy's setup looked:

or maybe I should say part of her setup.  There were slides, swings, bean bags, slammer jammer, twister loop and, in addition to all that ...

facepainting!  That is Cindy starting her artwork that eventually ended up looking like this ...

... and if you like that ...

... how about this?  Or maybe even ...

... how about all of these?

When we say we're going to throw a picnic for the whole family, we mean we're going to throw a picnic for the whole family!

We'll be back later with more shots of activities at the shooting range, the band, the speeches, and even the Never Hillary Bingo!

Stay tuned.


Dexter Daze on Saturday

First, let's introduce you to Lori L. who was able to find us some Trump "bling" to attact customers to our booth in Dexter:

We met Lori early on Saturday morning, and then went on over to Dexter where around 10:15 we saw ...

... the start of the parade.  And right up near the start was ...


Randy Clark, running hard for the open 52nd Michigan House district.  As you can see, just behind Randy were Julie Stevens supporters ...

... who are trying to get her elected to the First County Commission District.  Speaking of Julie Stevens ...

... here she is, walking with her team and chatting with voters along the way.  When the parade finished a while later ...

... Julie and her team came back to our booth to help set up for the rest of the day [see Laura's Trump "bling" on the table?], and to help the incomparable ...

Cindy Fischaber who was stylishly attired in her "Hillary for Prison" T-Shirt.  Here, by the way, is the way we looked from the street:

... at least before any cars came and took the parking place right in front (or would it be the back?) of our booth.

We had a great time yesterday in Dexter, and will see you later on the campaign trail.

Interesting times in Dexter

This has been an interesting couple of days in Dexter.

As you may recall, we were told that political parties were not allowed to participate in the Dexter Daze festival, so were were reconciled to skipping the event.  Imagine our surprise, then, when we saw a Democrat request for volunteers at their Dexter Daze booth!  We exchanged some stern words with the organizers of the Dexter event, and were told that no, the Dems were not actually "in" the Dexter Daze event, and that they had simply negotiated an arrangement with a local Dexter business [turns out it was the law firm of Groehner and Groehner] to allow them to put up a booth in front of that business.

We got this news on Wednesday, less than two days before the event begins, and sprang into action.  Bill Gordon negotiated an arrangement with a business in down town Dexter [and conveniently close to the Dexter pub].  Sam Collier and Cindy Fischaber met at our office this morning to load Sam's truck with the booth material we need and they headed to Dexter ...

... where they set up facing away from the street and toward the building with whose owner Bill had negotiated.  On the first floor of this building the Dexter Police were conducting a free child ID program, and our set up allowed for easy traffic flow between the front of the building and our booth.  When Sam and Cindy got to Dexter to set up, an official from the Dexter Daze committee suspiciously challenged their right to be there, but Sam and Cindy perserved with their setup and were rewarded with ...

... steady traffic all day.  The Dems, meanwhile were across the street ...

... and, as usual, looked a little lonely ...

... but Sam and Cindy had a good time meeting with folks all day.

So what happened here?  It is hard not to suspect that the Dexter Daze planners tried to suppress our participation in their festival while allowing the Dems to have access.  They didn't tell us about the new arrangement until two days before the event, thinking that that would not give us enough time to get our ducks lined up.  Little did they know that quick, determined work would locate us in such a nice spot.  Many thanks to John, who noticed the Dem's advertisement and challenged the Dexter Daze committee, to Bill, who quickly found a place where we could set up a booth, to Sam, who showed up early this morning  to transport our material to Dexter, and to Cindy, who helped with the set up and staffed the booth all day, much of it by herself.



None of this, of course, will come as much of a surprise to any of you who have read Kim Strassel's excellent book "The Intimidation Game," except, perhaps in this regard:  It is amazing that the Dems have managed to teach their followers at so many levels, extending down even to a local festival board, to try so diligently to silence us.




See you in Dexter tomorrow!


Chelsea Sights and Sounds -- Saturday

Yesterday's post proved to be prescient: Little Red collapsed during the rainstorm on Saturday morning.  Fortunately, though, Scott Cooper had a 10' tent that, even though it was a tight fit and was a little catiwhompus ...

... seemed to do just fine.  Here is a look at some of the volunteers who staffed the booth on Saturday ...

... that's Scott, Matt, Julie, Bob, and Cindi ... and here is a look at some of the traffic ...

that folks say was steady throughout the weekend.



Many thanks to our resourceful and imaginative volunteers who worked to give us a presence in Chelsea!



Chelsea Sights and Sounds -- Friday

Here are Cincy and Teresa, with some help from Scott Cooper, setting up our booth in Chelsea.

Scott is helping to "splint" one of Little Red's struts.  It is becoming obvious that she has seen better days and it may be time for her to retire.

July 24th [Continued]

Well, all good things must come to an end, and today marks the conclusion of this year's Ann Arbor Art Fair.  We had a wonderful time, speaking to students and teachers, athletes and coaches, manufacturers and engineers, soldiers, sailors, and marines, musicians, composers, choristers, and even some native American flutists.  If there was a common theme this year, it was that Art Fair goers are worried sick about the direction in which their country is going, and more than happy to consider the ideas we're proposing.  On with the campaign!

Here are Terry and Tom starting the "tear down" ... 

... while a bit later John and Tom continue the process while Phil directs traffic ...

... and then a bit later here is the whole crew celebrating a job well done.

Hope you enjoyed these posts, and now it's On To November!!!

July 24th: Sunday in Ann Arbor

It was raining in Ann Arbor as we started to set up this morning.  We didn't let that stop us though, and here is how Eunice and Wyckham looked in our booth as we got started:

Now let's take a closer look at the table this morning because ...

our chair had brought back some Trump "bling" from the Republican Convention!

Meanwhile, the Democrats, poor dears, seemed to have difficulty getting started
this morning [maybe Liberty Street isn't a safe enough  space for them], and even
when they got going ...

didn't seem to be attracting much attention!

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